Under the Ocean Game Review

🙁 the coconuts flew too fast so I couldn’t take a picture in time. Haha actually this is just a drizzle back in my country

Since it was storming, as I explored outside the safety of any shelter, a new status popped up on my interface that says, chills. He also started to experience hunger and thirst so I frantically looked for things to eat. However, as I jumped off a steep jaggedy hill, my character ended up having the sore foot and open wound status. To top that off, the water I drank from this waterfall inside the pretty cave I guess had pesky pathogens in it because not only did my character acquired the sick status, he also got the about to faint status. Learn from my oopsies! Beware of what you put into your belly!

Goodness me, I pretty much almost made my character croak trying to help him survive. However, although I felt guilty using and abusing his bulky blue body relentlessly (so much negative statuses!), I couldn’t help but appreciate what the developers were trying to do with their game. You can tell the creators really tried to simulate how things would be for a person experiencing the things one might go through on a deserted island. An island littered with unpredictable weather, terrains, and faunas.

Yeah I do not think I am cut out for The Survivor any time soon

Scavenging, Building, Crafting

Only took me an hour and 5 minutes to figure out 😛 I have read many others asking how as well, hopefully this helps!

Scavenging (Farming for mats. Answers the how the heck do we smash them crates!)

This one I saw a lot of people getting upset over because, as mentioned, there is no tutorial (yet). I previously stated that when you hover your mouse over the items, it will tell you what they are for and what you need to do to get the materials from them. However, they are pretty vague on the how to part.