Under the Ocean Game Review Part 3


As I mentioned, in terms of the verbs on the main title above (building, scavenging, crafting), I did not know what the heck I was suppose to do. I went and checked if they had wiki, they did but there was not really anything on it yet.  So I went back to the main menu, clicked reset, and decided to try again. Slowly but surely, I started to learn how things were done and when I did, I realized, dang you can really manipulate and tweak the things you build on here. Especially your home.

Building and Layers Feature (I can honestly say, I never played or know of any other games with this feature. It takes getting used to, and may be a little complicated for others, but I honestly like the fact that I can really have a wide range of control on what I am building if that makes sense.)

I have mentioned earlier that certain features in this game are shared by others in the same genre (Survival/creative/sandbox) however, the developers added their own twist.

I felt like their twist was just enough to make the features unique. Let us use the building feature as an example. In most games, when you build something, after you get all your materials and press craft, you get a whole item. Like x number of stones + log = a whole chimney. In this game, you have to craft the base, the body, and top to build the item you want. Also, the building mode has a photoshop like quality to it so you can really manipulate where you want things to be as you build. What I meant by photoshop quality is that the build mode has layers. You simply click and drag where you want your items to be. If you want items before or after other items, you may do so using the layers feature.