Under the Ocean Game Review Part 2

When I hovered over the crates in this game, it just says smash them and I had no clue how, haha I ended up picking the crates and throwing them around to see if they will smash when they land. It was fun to do, but it sadly did not smash them.

The fact that I did not even know how to actually get my character to hold and use tools did not help.

After couple minutes of random frustrated clicking, I found out that I had to have my tools inside my inventory (which is accessed by hovering your mouse on the top screen), then I only needed to click on the tool I need and my blue man will hold it. I finally got to hulk smash those annoying crates with my hammer of fury (just have your character near whatever you want to smash and left click. The character will proceed to hit it). Same goes for mining with your axe pick or cutting trees with your saw.

It is hard to see but he is mining. By the way, if you feel like being Tarzan, that rope right there can be used to swing 😀

Thoughts: Inventory problem while I was scavenging – Though I actually like how we store items in our character, sometimes it can be problematic. For you to store things, you have to click and drag the items onto the top screen (it will show your inventory window when you hover the items there) and you can stick them on there. The problem with this is that if you are in a confining spot, you can be blocked from putting your items on there.

Like so:

That piece of earth was stopping me from even reaching to my inventory window. There was one incident where the wood I was trying to store ended up embedded in it.

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