Poker Psychology

Discipline and mind set are seriously one of the most important skills a poker player can have; it can make a not so stunning player into a consistent winner and brilliant player a loser. You must have heart to call tough bets and discipline to wait for premium cards. It is common for even the great players to have extremely ugly losing streaks, you got to learn to walk it off. You have to be aggressive, you cannot play scared. You either think you have the best hand and you are in there putting in raises or you don’t and you fold without a second thought. There are definitely situations where you need to just calm down and call the person down to keep them honest but usually you will be sticking’ it to people. Overtime if you go in with better cards you will end up with better cards. The main reason you lose money in poker is not that small amount you pay to see the flop but rather getting second best hand and having to call them down to find out. This is where the concept of dominated hands comes into play. Being out kicked is the most common way to have a second best hand.

Allmost 70% of the total money I’ve won has come from J/J – A/A and A/K / A/Q / A/J. That is just 7 hands in which I have made more than two-thirds of my profit from! This statistic really puts into perspective how important it is to play those hands well and how important it is to be conservative with all the lesser hands. Consider these weaker hands and take into account how easy it is to turn them into unprofitable by playing them a little too loosely or aggressively. Never take a hand personally; you must detach yourself from emotions. Be respectful and nice to the fish you play with, they are the ones paying you. Don’t pay much regard to what happens after you have folded a hand. Chaos theory says that the full house you “flopped” wouldn’t have happened had you called anyway. Physical activities can keep you disciplined and overall more content.

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